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Skating Season Starts MONDAY, September 11!

Also a quick reminder that your 1st installment payment or full season payment is now due or at the very least BEFORE your child is able to step on the ice. This is for Skate Canada insurance purposes. Thank you!

If you have any questions, please reach out at or feel free to ask any Executive Member around the rink as there is usually someone around each session.  Looking forward to seeing you around the rink!

Message from the Fuller Lake Skating Club President

…Nothing beats seeing the look of pride on their faces when they conquer a challenge.

Around the rink is a great place to be.  It brings together people of all ages, it presents a wide variety of spectator events, and most importantly, it’s where we raise our kids.  The skating community I have come to love is the Fuller Lake Skating Club. It’s a place where all the kids of the family and some adults too, can come and challenge themselves to keep reaching new milestones and be part of something great. We have a few changes this season.  I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our previous Club Coach and new Head Coach, Kailee Bowman responsible for our Canskate and Figure Skating Programs.  Alongside her and returning for another season will be our long-time Club Coach, Lorraine Francisty. I would also like to welcome our new Club Coach, Julie Dunlop. And don’t worry Power Skaters, you’re going to have to still try and keep up with Coach Cleve Shillingford!  We have so many fun things planned for this season, so we hope to see you at the rink!

Jenn Torres Hernandez