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2023/2024 Coaching Staff


Kailee Bowman - Head Coach

  • Certified National Coach (NCCP Level 3)
  • Over 15 Years Professional Coaching Experience
  • Diamond Dance, Triple Gold Tests, and Pre-Novice Competitive Dance Tests
  • Specializes in coaching Singles, Dance, Skills, Interpretive, Choreography, and Special Olympics
  • Provincial Champion for Interpretive
  • Former Provincial Competitor in Freeskate, Triathlon, Interpretive, and Skills
  • Fitness Leadership Diploma
Kailee Bowman

Lorraine Francisty - Club Coach

  • Over 43 Years coaching experience.
  • Certified NCCP-National Coach Level 3 & Partial Level 4
  • BC Games Team Coach
  • Gold Freeskate, Gold Dances, Bronze Rhythm Dance, Junior Competitive Dance, Novice Competitive Singles, Skating Skills Class 1 (Gold).
  • BC Section Skate Canada Level 2 Administration 
  • CEP: Gold Status. 
  • Coached Skaters through to Gold Freeskate, Gold Skills, Gold Artistic, Gold Dances & Diamond Dances and Junior Competitive Singles.  
  • Synchronized Skating Coach
  • Star 1-5 Accessor Trained
  • Star 6 – Gold Update in all disciplines
  • Respect for Sport-Activity Leader Certificate  
Lorraine Francisty


 Jessica Griffiths - Club Coach

  • Certified Provincial Coach, partial National Coach
  • Over 10 years Professional Coaching Experience
  • Double Gold Test Skater
  • Specializes in teaching Singles, Skills, Artistic, Choreography, and Special Olympics
  • Provincial StarSkate Champion 
  • Former Provincial Competitor in Freeskate
  • Star 1 - 5 Judge
  • Bach. of Education, Bach. of Science
jessica griffiths

 Cleve Shillingford - Power Skating Coach

Cleve Shillingford

Cleve has been a Skate Canada Power Skating Coach for the Fuller Lake Skating Club for over 13 years.  He has taught kids of all ages and levels.  His strength is in his ability to take kids that have difficulty skating and teach them to be effective skaters.  He believes kids need to have fun when they are learning new skills.  It is Cleves' approach to fun learning that keeps kids coming back.  Many of his students have gone on to play competitive hockey.  Cleve evaluates the kids at every level and gives them a report card at the end of the season so they know what they need to work on. He uses his over 45 years of hockey playing experience, both at the recreational and competitive level, to ensure his students know how to apply the skills taught in real game play action.  Cleve believes that being an effective skater not only makes the game more enjoyable, but reduces the chances of injury on the ice.


I've been teaching and instructing power skating for 15 years for Fuller lake skating club my home club and 5 years in Duncan skating club. I've coached hockey at the competitive level, and my goal is to make it fun and challenging while ensuring all skills are learned .

2023/2024 Club Executive

Our Club is run by volunteers, they are parents of the skaters. We are always looking for new members. If you don't have to be on the Board, there are many other volunteer jobs. We will call for volunteers throughout the season, please keep an eye out or speak to one of our Executive to find the right opportunity for you. Many hands are needed to give the kids a wonderful skating season.


Club President

Jennifer Torres Hernandez 

Vice President

Tina Donovan

Past President

Luisa Shillingford

Coaches Representative

Kailee Bowman


Nicole Jensen 


Pam Puska 

Test & Registration

Cassandra Taylor 


Alejandra Wilson 


Kristy Fink  


Dawn Searle

Arena Boards

Danielle Pearson